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Practicing the Circle of 5ths - Piano Course

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Practicing the Circle of 5ths - Piano Course

5 ratings

You could watch 100 different YouTube videos about the Circle of 5ths but it won't be of any use to you until your fingers know how to navigate it. When practiced effectively, the Circle of 5ths uncovers all sorts of musical secrets that appear in music of every era and every style.

In this course I'll show you seven templates for simple, beautiful exercises that work their way around the circle in both directions so you can practice every major and minor key without even realizing it. No more fumbling through the awkward sharp keys or flat keys – the Circle of 5ths will equalize your understanding of all twelve keys and prepare you for the common resolutions embedded within.

Each lesson starts with a visual analysis and is followed up with hands-on practice exercises that provide options for pianists at various levels of proficiency. On top of that, some lessons feature drum tracks to make sure you're keeping a steady beat! At the end I've included a few bonus lessons that explore the circle in a diatonic context as opposed to the usual 'infinite loop.'

With 35+ individual videos breaking down seven unique exercises, this course is an absolute steal. But if you'd rather start with a sample, then I've unlocked my personal favorite exercise that uses spread triads for just $8.

LEVEL: This course is most appropriate for late beginner and early intermediate pianists. That said, if you're a more savvy pianist but your harmonic intuition is lacking, you will still find immense value in the exercises, particularly those featuring embellishments.

The videos in this course are entirely visual (no sheet music) and feature falling blocks that guide you to the right notes. The videos in this course were originally created for HDpiano using their tools and software.

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